Solat commits itself every day to maintain high quality standards, which are the main feature of our PDO Grana Padano cheese. In order to maintain this essential feature, we receive milk only from farms associated to our cooperative and from very reliable, certified and monitored suppliers.

Our commitment in maintaining a constant quality standard is demonstrated by the following certifications:


Protected Designation of Origin (PDO): this recognition is assigned to all the agricultural and food products, whose production phases are processed in a specific geographic area having features generated exclusively by the environment and whose production process conforms to Reg.UE 1151/2012.


ISO 222005:2008 certificate: this certification defines the basics and the requirements to set up a traceability system in the food industry and enhances the specific features of the product (origin, peculiar features of the ingredients) to satisfy the customer’s expectations.


IFS and BRC: international standards required to verify food products aiming to manage the processes and limit the risks by harmonizing the different standards required by the European Supermarket industry through common principles.