PDO Grana Padano

PDO Grana Padano Cheese is a typical exquisite cheese among the oldest in Europe and one of the most consumed in the world, a symbol of made in Italy gastronomic excellence.

Our PDO Grana Padano cheese wheels are produced in the full respect of a scientifically documented production method handed down over the decades, giving our cheese those unique sensory features making it a perfect PDO product (Protected Designation of Origin).

The history of Grana Padano Cheese started in the year 1000 when, in order to preserve the exceeding milk from wasting, they decided to produce cheese and maintain all milk’s nourishing properties. Since then, quality of milk used for the Grana Padano production in fundamental. Solat’s Grana Padano Cheese is produced using milk collected exclusively in farms from our territory, the Po Valley, supplying us 100 tons of raw milk each day.

Grana Padano delicious taste is strictly connected to the quality and care in cow’s farming and feeding. The cows are milked twice a day and fed only with forage provided by the PDO Grana Padano production territory’s cultivations, as required by the specific regulations. Hygiene and correct management of the farm, from the milking process to milk storage are the priority: animal walfare makes our cheese so good and tasty.

Since almost sixty years Solat Cooperative is handing down this thousand-year old tradition combining traditional methods to modern technology, respecting the production procedures given by the Grana Padano consortium. Our company produces exclusively PDO Grana Padano cheese from 10 to over 20 months ageing, for both wholesaling or for further processing in specific cuts and formats.